The Fat Bet: Round 3

27 May The Fat Bet: Round 3

Results! This time around, Edward and I made some fat burning progress! Read on 🙂





Finally, some proper results! After last round, I was pretty determined to get my body fat down. And I did some things right, especially going to gym regularly (4x/week). Working out gave my body a reason to start burning and metabolising all those damned fats.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m doing an all body weight lifting circuit like the one here at BodyBuilding.

If you’re a gym noobie and have no idea what to do, hell, just don’t go on that treadmill or bike machine – it’s a waste of time. Work out using the above circuit as a guide. Remember to keep pushing yourself and lift heavier and heavier weights (without hurting yourself) to progress. If you’re not struggling to lift the weight at the end of the set or feel soreness the day after the workout, you’re not doing it right. You gotta feel the pain 😀

By the way, ladies can work out with the same circuit too, no problem. My girlfriend is doing the same things I’m doing and she’s looking great. Lifting weights is the best way to look lean.

Meals - Dennis



Well, it’s quite clear that I have lost. And it is clear that it wasn’t fair to begin with. But I still had to do this challenge as I was the one who opened my big mouth about it. Imagine, Dennis is really fat to begin with. I am just fat. Dennis has a really big edge on being fat. All he needs to do is just don’t eat and he would have won. Plus with my back injury, no exercise. Even though I lost quite some weight during the period, I didn’t lose much in terms of % body fat. So the conclusion is, Dennis is fat and I can’t exercise due to back injury. I lose. Dennis is fat. (Editors Note: Stop hating on Dennis so much :D)

Meals - Edward



The final round is coming up and we’ll be working harder trying to lose as much as we can! And we’ll also announce the winner of the ‘Name Your Fat Bet Champion’ competition 🙂


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