The Fat Bet: Round 2

06 May The Fat Bet: Round 2

We’ve been sorely tested in the past three weeks and have been found lacking. Only one of us will get through this trial with a full head of hair but right now, it seems like both of us might have to shave our hair off. Read on to find out why 😛





As the results show, I’ve gone off course and I’m pretty pissed off at myself. Instead of decreasing fat mass, I’ve gained fat beyond my initial weigh-in state. I’ve erased my results so far. And shucks, I just feel lousy and tired.

The past three weeks have been challenging – handling an ever increasing workload has caused my snacking habit to veer its ugly head again. It doesn’t help that most of my work is done late at night where dinner was over with hours ago and I start feeling hungry. Also, I haven’t managed to give up on sugar with my coffee and even worse, have been doing latte runs to the nearest cafe (two coffee places within a few metres of Chai Bar, what can I say :P). My work out sessions have also remained sporadic – one week where I managed to hit the gym 4 times and the next week, just once. This is not working out.

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg says “The Golden Rule of Habit Change: You can’t extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it.” I believe the key to winning this bet is to start observing and changing my habits. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be identifying the cues which start off my bad habits, changing the routine which the habit leads to but keep the reward from which the habit effects. Read the book if you haven’t, it’s chock full of awesome advice.

Here’s a good example I’ve already identified in my behavioural patterns: a terribly destructive habit I have (at least, in regards to diet) is watching tv shows while eating – after work, usually around 6.00 pm, tired and with my girlfriend, I will takeaway dinner from the restaurants near my home (I try to make it low carb) and upon getting back, we turn on the idiot box / laptop and start watching whatever tv series is on at the moment (most of the time its old reruns of How I Met Your Mother – just love that show :D). Of course, after 10 mins or so, I’ve finished my dinner but hey, the show is still running! What do you do next? Years of eating popcorn while watching movies in the cinema or innocent snacking (when I was younger) while watching cartoons has conditioned me into a sort of Pavlovian reaction. Turn on TV. Need a snack. Here’s a DVD. Where’s my crisps? You get the drift. I started thinking about this. Other than the fact that watching shows on a tv or laptop does make you an idiot (you don’t really need to think much and you can watch forever), the real reward for me was that it relieved stress and boredom and helped me forget about problems I have at work.

And here’s what I have to change it, the cues of my habit are going back from work at 6 pm and tired while the routine is takeaway, watching tv and snacking while the reward is relieving stress and forgetting problems. I’m going to insert a new routine into this habit which instead of taking away, I’ll be eating at the restaurant, food on table while talking with my girlfriend about exciting and happy stuff, like our plans for the weekend, which derives almost the same reward of relieving stress that I was looking for. That way, I can break the chain of going back to eat and watch tv and snacking after.

Also, I really need to start a proper regular work-out regime.

Wish me all the best.

Meals - Dennis



The last few weeks was a difficult journey. I kinda gave up hope on winning at all after the first weigh-in. The battle was just too unfair as Dennis was a fat ass to begin with. But I was so shocked to see that he gained weight. If only, I was a little more disciplined, I would at least be equal to him.


I decided to enjoy and cut all my hair if it happens. I will still eat clean and healthy. It is best to heal my back by eating more nutritious food. Go, Chai Bar!

Meals - Edward



The next round will be a crucial one for both of us, as it might be too late to lose very significant body fat % from the next round onwards. We’ve really got to up our game and watch more 300 for inspiration.


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