The Fat Bet: Round 1

Chai Bar - Fat Bet (Cover)

07 Apr The Fat Bet: Round 1

The first two weeks of this bet have been tough on both of us. Resisting the allure of junk food while trying hard to keep to a healthy diet and working out is no easy task (we might’ve overestimated ourselves). Still, we have some results to show (at least Dennis does!). Take a look at our 1st Round results (and sorry for the late post btw, the food pics were a pain to assemble):


Scoreboard (Round 1)



Losing weight again isn’t as easy as I thought. When you’ve been snacking and eating carb-rich food for so long, your body gets used to the sugar high (and crash) and white rice and bread is now twice harder to resist than before! But hey, I’m not doing too badly, losing 0.8 kg and almost 1% body fat (which equates to about 0.4 kg and 0.5% a week).

For the first week, I focused on having at least one healthy meal a day, which meant a chai salad at Chai Bar. By the end of the week, I managed to keep both my daily meals healthy (almost) – one meal would be salad and the other would usually be mixed rice dishes minus the rice from the neighbourhood stall (I crave Asian flavours). I usually don’t take breakfast but when I do, it’s usually just eggs.

Second week was all about eliminating my snacking habit. I started off by throwing or giving away all the junk food I had at home – leftover CNY cookies, chips, chocolate bars. Man, that was a sad event for me. I replaced them with healthy stuff like roasted nuts, dhal muruku (fried lentils are awesome and they fill you up fast) and some beef jerky (girlfriends souvenir from Taiwan). End of the week and I was so tired of snacking on lentils and nuts that I pretty much ditched snacking.

My gym time has been irregular, unfortunately. Due to work, I haven’t been able to go as much as I wanted (but we all know those are just excuses :P). I’m on a full body workout regime – lots of squats and full body movements, and I do them with very little rest in between to add in a cardio component to my weight lifting. By the end of it, I’m crashing on the mat and struggling to finish. Luckily, Amanda’s (my girlfriend) just beside me to provide encouragement (thanks girl!).

I’m gonna try cutting out sugar from my regular morning coffee next week and start picking even healthier options (less fat and sugar) for my meals. I still see love handles!

Peace out.

Meals - Dennis (Round 1)

On those days where there are no food pics, I had a cheat day and the feast I had was too awesome to show off 😀



The last 2 weeks, I started of really enthusiastic but it was hard to resist a ‘nice meal’ ranging from cakes, to mamak curry to the dinner prepared at home. Hahaha (I think i am going to lose, for those who bet on me, good luck).

For the last 2 weeks, I managed to eat at least eat one clean meal – basically lunch at Chai Bar. I don’t usually eat breakfast, so my first meal would be brunch or late lunch during my work hours. Usually, my meals will consist of a Salad Base, 1 portion of Carb Supplement, a Vegetable Supplement (e.g. broccoli or mixed peppers), and a Protein. I have not taken any dressing with my salads for quite some time (high in calories). I don’t feel bored with the meals and still look forward to have at least my lunch clean, as dinner would be prepared at home.

It’s going great so far as I’ve managed to lose 2.3 kg. I’m just disappointed that I did not lose much fat %. I went on a caloric deficit too fast, too soon, causing my body to reduce the amount of muscle mass in my body instead of fat. Hopefully, by revising my diet again, I will be able to maintain the muscle mass on my body and reduce fat instead during the next two weeks.

Meals - Edward (Round 1)

Sorry for the ugly pics (blame my phone camera)!



We’ve got a long way to go to achieving true fitness! As Bruce Lee says, “Be water, my friend and stop drinking soda.” Yup, gotta listen to Bruce. See you in Round 2!


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