The Fat Bet: Final Round

18 Jun The Fat Bet: Final Round

It’s the final round! And the winner is (drum roll), Dennis! Read on to see how they fared in this last and gruelling round. Lots of salads and quinoa was harmed in the process. And yup, we didn’t forget the ‘Name Your Fat Bet Champion’ competition. We’ll announce the winner in a couple more days (picking a winner is extremely difficult, lots of debates and stuff, you understand) 😀





Here’s our before & after pics. We know it’s not 6-pack abs but we’re still on the journey!

Before & After - Dennis

Looking a li’l leaner 😛 but at 25.9% body fat, I’m still far from fit shape.


Before & After - Edward

I lost but since I look leaner than Dennis, it’s a personal WIN!



Ok, so I won (victory dance) but only by a small margin. In the past two months, I’ve managed to lose 2% body fat, which is a a little depressing, for me. But hey, it’s a start and rocking those six packs will still be my long term goal.

The one thing I’m most proud of achieving in the last few weeks is a regular workout schedule. Gym-ing out with my girlfriend, Amanda, and seeing her go from total beginner to barbell enthusiast has been an inspiration to me. As they say, having a gym partner always keeps you in the habit. My food habits, unfortunately, are still on a yo-yo trend. I’m eating at least one very healthy meal each day at Chai Bar (my fav baby spinach, quinoa, peppers, beans and chicken combo, no dressing!) but the other meal is always dependent on my mood and time of day. Things always turn south when I get stressed up or after a hard days of work, I feel entitled to some hearty (and junky) meal. It’s been really tough trying to get over the bad food habits, Edward and I, created for ourselves before Chai Bar.

At the end of the day, it’s all about determination (how much you want it) and persistence (the systems you put in place to keep yourself in check), I believe and it’s something I have to keep working on everyday. Never tell yourself it’s too late to start or that I don’t know how to. Just eat right for your goals and start working out (with weights, no treadmill orgy please :P) and you’ll get there with patience.

P.S. To Edward, thanks for sabotaging me with snacks and ice cream.
P.S. To Amanda, thanks for giving me the stink eye whenever I get the cravings for burgers 🙂

Meals - Dennis



Ok first thing everyone is going to ask is HOW THE H*** i lost 3% body fat in the last check in.

My answer: YES. I did it with hardwork, honor, and i lost the fat with dignity. I am good 🙂

NO, I did not lose the fat in the last attempt. I lost it during the course of the bet. Why it didnt show?? What went wrong? Ladies & gentlemen, let me explain how.

In the beginning, I was really pumped up on winning. Yes. WINNING. Losing fat was my secondary goal. It was a little difficult and Dennis was around to sabo me the whole time. Feeding me stuff and said he also ate them. Looking back at his photos. HE WAS LYING!!. THAT &(**^%$(


Based on the fat % chart, I seem to be losing but I have been losing weight very consistently:


And losing fat in kgs consistently too:


Why is the Fat % not dropping at all? The reason was this:


I was losing too much muscle from the diet and no exercise, which is inevitable because I was not exercising at all due to my back injury. As I have mentioned many times, the bet was unfavorable to me. I was not as fat as FAT DENNIS (due to kiasu’ness this is what i will call him from now on). I could not exercise and will lose muscle continuously with or without diet. Check out my old pics in our website and you will be able to tell that I was much bigger before.

By the previous weigh in, I kinda gave up. I felt that I can diet all I want, lose all the weight and still lose to him in %. FAT DENNIS DID NOT EVEN LOSE A SINGLE KG!!!

I was prepared to go bald at that time but after I watched a motivational video on Arnold, I decided that even if i lost, I wanted to lose with pride and obviously someone didnt have any because he knew the bet was unfair and still continued with it.

I went for brisk swimming cause any heavy exercise hurts my back and i changed my diet to reduce the muscle mass loss. I increased my protein intake and controlled my carb consumption. It mainly consisted of chicken breast and calorie dense veg such as broccoli, some beans and capsicum for fat burning.

And guess what? A freaking 2.8% body fat in a few weeks!! Thank you. Thank you. BUT I STILL LOST. Sorry Vivian and supporters of Team Edward.

Below would be the final results in detail:


I lost more weight more fat but lost because of muscle reduction. Basically, the calculation goes

FAT % = Fat (kg)/Weight

Based on this calculation, Muscle Mass is placed highly in the calculation of Fat %. It means, I will have to work 2x as hard in order to have the same results as Dennis. Its supposed to be a FAT BET. Not MUSCLE BET. I DEMAND A REMATCH!!!

Meals - Edward



Not really. Edward and Dennis will still be pursuing that elusive picture of fitness, the holy grail of six packs. They’ll post pics and updates of their fitness journey here in the blog, periodically. Check the blog every once in a while, for more on them 🙂

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