Signature Salads

All-time favourites



The classic with a slight twist.

Romaine with croutons, onions, hard boiled egg, beef bacon, parmesan cheese & grilled chicken. Dressed with Green Goddess.



For males who don’t eat greens.

Baby spinach with baby potatoes, tomatoes, caramelised onions & grilled beef. Dressed with blue cheese. Damn.

Chicken Rice


Like chicken rice. Just less carbs.

Baby spinach with red rice, japanese cucumber, onions, bean sprouts & poached chicken. Dressed with Sesame Soy and topped with fried shallots and spring onion.

California Girls


Must be Japanese.

Mixed lettuce with red rice, japanese cucumber, carrot, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pickled seaweed & kaori-hako. Creamy Wasabi. Dusted with roasted seaweed and ebiko.

Smokin’ Chick


Inspired by a Smoked Chicken BLT.

Romaine lettuce with cucumber, onion, tomato, bread sticks, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese and smoked chicken. A dash of house made Coffee Sriracha Mayo Dressing.



Whole and hearty.

Mixed lettuce with avocado, tomato, eggs, beef bacon bits, blue cheese and grilled chicken. Ranch dressing.



Before you go for a hot date.

Mixed leaves with sweet potatoes, beets, raisins, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, quinoa and avocado. Phew! Dressed with Peanut.

Mediterranean Chickpea


Greek inspired.

Mixed leaves with couscous, cucumber, onion, tomato, chickpeas, black olives, feta cheese and a spinkle of awesome chia seeds. Dressed with Balsamic Orange dressing.

Crack Tofu


Even meat lovers will look twice.

Romaine lettuce with red rice, cucumber, carrot, bell peppers, button mushroom, roasted pumpkin and slices of crack tofu. Roasted seaweed, fried shallots and Roasted Sesame dressing.

Asian Chicken


US style asian salad.

Romaine lettuce with cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, crispy noodles, almond flakes, mandarin orange and house special, Manuka honey soy chicken. Spring onion and chia seeds on top. Sour Plum Dressing.