Nutrition Guide

A sweet & simple guide to start living fit!

If you’re a fitness Jedi, skip this but if you’ve ever opened a nutritional chart and thought “How do I use this when I don’t even know how much of what I need?”, then you’re in for a treat. We’re going to teach you how in 5 minutes.

There are a few ways that gym kakis and personal trainers calculate their daily calorie and nutrient needs to stay in shape. Here’s one that we found is a great starting point. Once you’ve mastered this, feel free to explore other advanced methods.

First of all, we need you to get some basic measurements:

  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Age
  • Daily Activity Level (Moderately Active, Very Active, Extra Active)

Using the Daily Calorie Calculator, fill in your info and wait for the magic numbers to appear. This number is your daily calory requirement at your current activity level – it’s what you need everyday to function as you usually do.

How do you fight your fats with this information? Generally, you lose weight when you take in less calories than you need. A good number to shoot for is 500 less calories per day than required. Do that, and theoretically, you’ll see your weight melt to the tune of about 0.5 kg a week.

For an even easier and more efficient way of recording your food intake, get the MyFitnessPal app! We love it cause it’s easy to use and has one of the biggest food databases we’ve ever seen. Plus it shows your calorie balance for the day so you’ll feel guilty about taking that Kit-Kat.

Over at Chai Bar, we’ve made things way easier for you by providing detailed nutritional information for every single thing in our menu. Yup, including those sinful croutons! So, use our order form and nutrition info to make meals that fit your calorie needs. With our fresh vegetables and lean meats, it’s a cinch to stay within your limit (unless you take two helpings of croutons, then we can’t save you!).

Do note that people burn fat differently so don’t be surprised if your good friend, Jack loses weight like crazy even though both of you eat the same food everyday. Remember to recalculate your calorie needs or update your info in the app, whenever your lifestyle changes. If you were banished to a desk all day, you’d require less energy than if you were training for a marathon everyday. Lastly, remember not all calories are the same. If an apple and a bag of chips has the same calories, please eat that apple. You’ll be more awesome that way.

Disclaimer: Please use the above only as a guide and should not be used as medical advice. When in doubt, please consult a qualified doctor or nutritionist 🙂

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