2 boys.
76 ingredients.
1 mission.

Make real, honest food that will help people be the best they can be.

Chai Bar is a vibrant, new fast casual concept, serving made-to-order salads with an Asian twist. Offering over 70 ingredients daily (more, when we feel restless :), from freshly washed and cut vegetables to beans, cheeses, nuts, pickles, roasted vegetables and a variety of cold and grilled meats like smoked salmon, shrimp, poached chicken and grilled beef, and accompanied by 15 different Western and Asian-inspired dressings, whoever said that salad was just a bowl of leaves!

For newbies, we offer our Fab 10, ten salad ideas to pique the interest of even voracious meat lovers. Those who are more adventurous, will dive deep into our bar, and pick out interesting new combinations that we’ve never even thought of. Blue cheese and apricots with lettuce? Who would’ve guessed it. With prices starting from RM 13.90 to RM 22.90, there’s something for everybody.

And when you’re thirsty, our juices and smoothies, made fresh from ‘real fruits’, not boxed juices or concentrates, are the perfect accompaniment to your salads. Our juices are paired with herbs and spices to give it that added ‘oomph’. I like watermelon & mint, myself.

We take pride in picking the best ingredients, washing them and preparing them by hand, just as you would at home. We don’t use chemicals, preservatives, stabilisers or harmful fats and all our dressings contain ingredients that you would actually recognise in a market! Say goodbye to ‘natural flavouring’ and ‘colour 101’.

Chai Bar is the brainchild of Dennis Lee and Edward Wong, two childhood friends, who share the same passion in food, fitness and sustainability. They truly believe that,

when you change the way you eat, you change yourself and the world along with it.